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Nuclear Watch New Mexico v. U.S. Department of Energy::

Jules Zacher

Nuclear Watch New Mexico v. U.S. Department of Energy

Nuclear Watch New Mexico is familiar with long dogfights against government agencies. In 2008, the agency settled a multi-year lawsuit against the Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) regarding the release of annual "ten year site plans" for the eight nuclear weapons research, testing, and production sites. This litigation, though settled in 2008, was began in late 2004.
Press release regarding this settlement: view document

When the Department of Energy and NNSA began to withhold information regarding the Performance Evaluation Reports for the Los Alamos National Security company, NukeWatch New Mexico and Speaking Truth to Power's Jules Zacher were ready for action. The NNSA has refused to release all Performance Evaluation Reports since 2009, decreasing corporate accountability while profits for sites such as the Los Alamos National Laboratory reached record profits.

Meanwhile, Los Alamos National Laboratory plans to cut nearly 600 lab jobs to minimize labor costs, and maximize the profits that can be reaped from its $83.7 million grant from the NNSA in fiscal year 2011.

To view a press release regarding Speaking Truth to Power's pending litigation, please follow the link here.

FOIA complaint (in PDF form) filed by Speaking Truth to Power and Nuclear Watch New Mexico; view document

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