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Speaking Truth to Power v. United States Strategic Command, et al. (Case Number: 12-4020)
Launch Facilities Down Documents Released to STTP by STRATCOM

These documents were released to STTP by STRATCOM in response to a lawsuit filed in 2012.
View the Entire Document Collection Here. (pdf. 269.2 MB)

1. Sequence of Events
2. 319th Missile Squadron DULL SWORD 10/25/2010
3. Sequence of Events - 319th Missile Squadron Loss of Monitoring Incident
4. Information Paper
5. Verbatim Transcrips of Calls to MMOC and Command Post
6. Security Forces Desk Blotter, Missile Security Control
7. 90th Security Forces Group Checklist, Flight Security Controller
8. System Engineering Level Evaluation and Correction Team (SELECT) WSP CMPG-B Card Anomaly Investigation Final Report. (September 1998)
9. Technical Order 21M-LGM3DG-2-1-7
10. Wing Command Post Transcript
11. Talking Paper on Weekly Activity Report (10/26/10 - 11/2/10)
12. AFGSC Operations Review Board Report
13. Bullet Background Paper on ICBM Launch Facility/Missile Alert Facility
14. AFGSC Minuteman Modernization Program Slide Presentation
15. AFGSC Legislative Snapshot 12/6/10
16. AFGSC Operations Review Board Report on Temporary Interruption of Normal Status Monitoring 10/23/10
17. LCC B-01 Command and Control Anomaly Analysis Final Report 11/11/10
18. USAF Media Assesment
19. Nuclear Certification Test Station Instructions for Testing Equipment
20. Plan of Instruction for REACT Console


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